F.D. Mason Co.

Internet/Network Solutions




local area networks

Local Area Networks

Designing and implementing an infrastructure that includes Wireless Access Points, sharing network resources, and supernetting networks to increase TCP/IP addresses available to the network.

virtual private networks

Virtual Private Networks

Connecting computers and workers securely to your office server and allow them access to all files and services on your corporate network.

wide area networks

Wide Area Networks

Connecting remote or branch offices to Corporate headquarters securely and inexpensively by using secure and continuous VPN tunnels from firewall to firewall.

network troubleshooting

Network Troubleshooting

We work with a common sense approach to diagnosing network problems. From basic TCP/IP subnetting and super netting to more sophisticated packet capture and bandwidth monitoring.

terminal services

Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services

Installing and configuring Remote Desktop Services at your business allows remote users to connect and run a virtual desktop consisting of the applications and data access you provide.

network design

Network Design

Includes more than physical layout of the network. Thinking through the “Logical” design of the network may be more important. Which users have access to which resources?

website hosting

Website Hosting

We are able to manage domain names, email, spam filtering, web hosting and custom DNS (Domain Name System) for our clients.

desktop support

Desktop Support

We fully support your user’s desktop computers and will manage them either on a monthly or quarterly basis, to include all updates and regular malware scans.